Saturday, April 20, 2013

This weekend Jenna and I went garage sale-ing (I got a bowl and a few toys for Liv), I had a craft night with the ladies at church (made a pillow and a bday gift), Ryan had a game day with his buds (I don't know what they played), we had 2 more house showings (8 total), dinner at a friends house (delicious), zumba at the gym (always fun), and Liv and I went to see Ben play in a tee ball tournament in Moore (mini-tailgate). Through all this fun, I only got pics of the tee-ball afternoon.
Liv gets her sports ALL confused so it was good for her to see a game and ask questions about what they were doing...although I'm sure none of it sunk in. I was super impressed with the ball skills of 4 and 5 year olds. 
The bullfrogs did great! I have a feeling we have many years ahead of us to cheer for #6 in all sorts of sports!
Liv was less interested in the game and more interested in playing with Ben and Des. She was devastated that we weren't going to their house, but calmed down once I gave her a corn dog to eat. 
We will visit them soon my dear! 


kmom said...

What a huge vehicle to have room to tailgate inside.

Leslie said...

sad face! poor, poor sad face.

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