Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wedding Weekend in Tulsa

Kira and Josh's wedding was in Tulsa this weekend, so Ryan and I ditched the kid and headed up yesterday for a fun time with the family. I really didn't want to lug the nice camera around though, so you will have to rely on my words rather than my pictures. That point-n-shoot is on its last blurry leg as you can see.
I loved her dress!
Kira looked gorgeous, the food was delicious, catching up with the family was fun, but the dance moves displayed by our family were probably the most memorable. I'm pretty sure Aunt Debbie needs to hire a DJ for the reunion this summer. Little Audrey didn't stop for a single song....for like 4 hours (I think she's 4, and that was the only time I was sad Liv wasn't there to dance with her!), Mia taught us all how to wobble, Matt swung me around to some swing music, the kids all cut a rug, Richie played "pirate" hip hop music, and Ryan wowed everyone with his hidden dancing talent...I don't wanna spoil it, but cartwheels were part of his moves. So I know you are definitely bummed now that I have no pics for proof of this wild Winn family night. Just close your eyes and try to imagine....

More importantly than marriage, family, or dancing though--Ryan and I got a full night's sleep, in a comfy king sized bed, with no toddler interruptions! Then we had a delicious brunch with the family before heading to the MOST important destination of the trip (which I DID manage to photograph!) Dairy Queen!
Although we know Liv would've had fun dancing the night away at the wedding....we are pretty sure she was happy doing this as well. 
Thank you Jenna, Sean, Lulu, and Noah for allowing us a kid free date night! 
And Congrats Josh and Kira! We wish you much love and happiness!


kmom said...

Praise the Lord for Noah and his family. Great friends!

Anonymous said...

I will check on the dj....can't wait to see Ryan's moves
Aunt Debby

Leslie said...

you look fantastic!

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