Friday, April 12, 2013

Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains

I mentioned on Facebook that I think Oklahoma is going through menopause. 
The weekly cold fronts that drop the temps 50 degrees in a few hours and then go back up again are playing games with my heart, my wardrobe, and my flowerbeds. Then the worst came when Liv asked about the baby bird eggs, seeing as the bush they were in was bent to the ground covered in ice the other day. Uh-oh. I just told her we'd have daddy check on them and things like this happen in nature and then I tried to lighten the mood by singing The Circle of Liiiiiiife.

Ryan secretly checked on them when he got home without mentioning it to her. It wasn't a pretty sight. :(  So I'm hoping she doesn't ask about them again.  RIP baby birdies. But there are still some eggs left in the nest sooo maybe birds can freeze and thaw out?

On a lighter note someone posted this the other day and it made me giggle. 
I'm so glad Gotebo made it on the chart! It's my fav. The start of tornado season is a crazy one around here. Some people are very somber and scared about it remembering very severe storms and damage of the past, some are bitter, cynical, and angry about the overly fear inducing weathermen who constantly interrupt evening programming for what is sometimes just light rain drops, and some like me see it as a sort of entertaining circus of sorts that is probably unique to our state. I don't watch much TV, but I will keep the TV on during storms and flip stations between animated meteorologists in need of a popcorn bowl. I switch between watching all the hype with fascination and scrambling about getting quilts, water bottles, shoes, my purse, and whatever else I deem important in the hallway (like it would save us if a big tornado came).

Don't get me wrong, it can be scary: I've been huddled in a bathtub with too many people on a college campus, crying in my car as I'm stuck in traffic being pounded by hail, anxiously awaiting Ryan's return home when cell phone lines are down, upset at broken windows on my house and we're just now getting the roof fixed from last May's storm!  I pray we all stay safe this year, but overall it's thrilling to me and I hope I never have to change camps because of severe personal loss or tragedy.

If you are in need of some sort of strange weather related event in your life, I encourage you to come to Oklahoma during the months of April and May.

And for the record...Rick Mitchell WAS my favorite weatherman, and I still haven't found anyone to replace him since he moved to TX. Maybe this season will bring a new fav for me.
How do you feel about tornado season?


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love the midwest. (Well, maybe not.) But I love you guys, my favorite Oklahomans. Mom aka Gma

Erin said...

I love tornado season and I was going to write something about how our area doesn't seem to get hit much but then I realized I might be jinxing ourselves! I have a weatherman crush on Damon Lane - who replaced Rick. He seems way more serious than Rick was but that's okay. I just can't stand the other two station weathermens!! (is that a word?!)

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