Friday, May 03, 2013

Book Review

Our local library is getting new carpet this month so I had to stock up on books for me and Liv as it will be closed for about 3 weeks and I'm just not sure I can go to any other metro libraries! Well I COULD but I like my routine at my local one.  :)

Bloom. I've been reading her blog since her daughter was born, so I wanted to eventually read her memoir. I don't think any person, definitely any mother, could read her birth story without tears welling in their eyes. She is such a good writer and I know she often gets flack for being too optimistic, but I like that about her. Sure some days I only look at the adorable pics on her blog, but other days....especially her Hallmark posts...her message is one I need to hear to help me carry on through another marvelous day of parenting and be present in the moment! I give it a 9 and recommend it to mothers.

Me and Emma. I considered quitting this book because it was difficult to read page after page of child abuse, poverty, and neglect. But I wanted to make sure the girls were ok so I kept turning pages. I knew there was a twist somewhere in the story, but my guesses were all WAY off. The twist did take me by surprise. The book is compared to Ellen Foster which I read a long time ago, but don't remember much. It would be a great book to discuss with someone (and I plan to with the lady who recommended it to me from church) but I have a hard time recommending it just because of the subject matter. I give it a 7 though.

Coffee at Lukes. My friend Amanda is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and when she knew I had finished the series, she gave me this book of hers to borrow. It's a collection of essays written by various authors that explore different themes of the show. (Devon, I think this would be a good gift for your dad and brother! I was shocked that there were a few male authors in the book.) It was really good too....but only if you are a fan of the show. Otherwise it will make NO sense. My favorite ones were the essays that took a look at the Mother vs. Best friend relationship of Lorelei and Rory and the actual economic possibilities of the businesses in Stars Hollow. I give it an 7.5

The Light Between Oceans. This was the book club pick for the month and I hope I can remember it by the time we meet again (we took a month off so half our club could go into labor....literally). It might be the most tragic tale I have ever read, but it was so good. I give it a 9.5. The last section was so hard to read, but so hard to put down and it took everything I had not to skip to the last pages to see what happens because I was on pins and needles. Forgiveness and love and motherhood and lighthouses.....such a good read but I only recommend it to those who can stomach tragedies. I am not sure how on earth the half of our book club who just birthed babies will handle this one, but I imagine if they made it through, it wasn't with dry eyes.

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? I saw this book in a magazine and I liked the title and it was a memoir, so I put it on my list to read. It's a brave and haunting memoir about the author's childhood and trauma she faced at the hands of mainly her adopted mother. There is a lot of hurt, but a lot of healing in this book. Some parts were beautiful, some parts were hard to read, and some parts were way over my head, but I did enjoy it and give it a 7. I have a hard time recommending it because of some thematic elements. The author has written some well known fiction (based on her life) that was turned into a BBC show, so part of this memoir further explained things in her books (which I haven't read or watched). She talks a lot about literature and how it helped heal her in some of her darkest hours. I appreciated this quote from her book, "Reading things that are relevant to the facts of your life is of limited value. The facts are, after all, only the facts, and the yearning passionate part of you will not be met there. That is why reading ourselves as a fiction as well as fact is so liberating. The wider we read, the freer we become."

Insurgent. The first book of 2013 that I couldn't finish. I tried since I decently liked the first in the series, but too much time has passed. I was so lost for the first 50 pages, and it was boring and I have a stack of better things waiting for me so oh well!

What are you reading? Any recommendations? 
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Anonymous said...

I'm on #3 of the Broadmoor Legacy series which is a Christian romance series (too light and fluffy for you). And I'm on #3 in the Chronicles of The Kings series which is about the life of King Hezekiah. I'm enjoying it immensely but again, I don't think it would be your cup of tea. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Amanda said...

I'm on my 3rd Flavia book and LOVE them. Thanks for the recommend.

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