Friday, May 17, 2013

Christian Family

Our dear friend Ricky is in town from India. He seriously knows 50% of the people in the entire world, and he only gets to visit America every other year, so when I asked if he could come to our house for dinner, he said "Sure, can we have a party and invite others?" (When he's here he has to try to see as many of his friends as possible, so of course I said yes!) So I don't know who all was invited, but this is who came and we had a good time fellowshipping with other OC grads who I might not ever see again, but dinner was great!
I enjoyed visiting with Sudeepa, and Justin tolerated Liv bossing him around while they played. It's so wonderful to visit with Christian brothers and sisters from all around the world. Liv will learn to treasure this one day too, but until then she can make these goober faces in photos while the rest of us look nice :)

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