Thursday, May 23, 2013

Field Day or Why I'm Adopting a 4th Grader

We got invited to attend the Field Day at Lulu's school last week. We have gotten to attend several fun events at her school and I am a little nervous that Liv will be disappointed when she really starts school that there aren't carnival games and sno-cones everday because I'm pretty sure that's what she thinks school is right now! When we pulled up to the school she looked at the name on the building and said "Look mama! That's says 'IT IS FIELD DAY TODAY!" (It actually said Pierce Elementary, but she was super excited!)
 Liv just jumped right in with all the kids and wasn't nervous at all!

 They pared each of the Pre-K students with a 4th grader to help take them to all the various games inside and out. I of course also stayed with my child but Liv and Noah's 4th graders were so responsible I really wanted to take one home. Or at least hire them for babysitters. They were so sweet to the kids and didn't mind putting their shoes on 100 times after the took them off to jump on the moon bounces! 
These next pictures CRACK ME UP! 
Look how miserable they are having to wait for the ice machine to work so they can get icees. So funny!
Shortly after this picture Liv fell on the playground and split her lip open pretty badly. Her entire lower face was covered with blood and I couldn't tell where it was coming from so I scooped her up to take her to the nurse's station. She was screaming and kicking so I thought she was in a lot of pain, when I put her down she looked at me with a bloody face and said "NO MAMA! I wanna keep playing!" She wasn't hurting, she was mad I was taking her away from the playground. I finally made her look in a mirror to see why we had to stop. Once we got cleaned up she got to play a little more and then cried all the way home wondering why she couldn't stay. Soon enough dear you'll be there all day 5 days a week, so don't fret about it now!


kmom said...

Glad she was willing to participate in all the events. She is growing up.

Anonymous said...

Another day full of fun, fun, fun in OKC. Give that sweet girl a kiss from Grandma and tell her I think she's very brave for not complaining about her split lip. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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