Thursday, May 02, 2013


  • Ryan and I enjoyed a date to Gabriella's last week while Liv enjoyed teaching Allison ALL about fairy culture by subjecting her to a Tinkerbell movie. Love ya Allison!
  • 12 showings of our house, positive feedback, no offers, but it's still only been 3 weeks I have to remind myself.
  • Our offer was ignored by the lady who owns the third house we bid on. She didn't even want to counter offer. We hear she is a curmudgeon, so we're thinking about it for awhile before we make any more offers.
  • The second house we put an offer on is back on the market, but they don't want a contingency so maybe if our house sells it will be back on the table.
  • This weekend is a girl's trip to Canton that I'm super excited about! I've never been before....have you? Any pro tips?
  • We get back Saturday night and then Sunday is our open house. I'm nervous about the combo of it being Cinco de Mayo and the history of our neighbors loud celebrations. Jenna tells me it's an American holiday and that Hispanics don't celebrate it, either way, I've given the Realtor a heads up.
  • We watched Aladdin with Olivia last week for family movie night, that genie is one funny dude. And yes I can still sing the whole score. Olivia refers to it as "The Jasmine Movie."
  • I checked out a pretty awesome Zumba class this week down the street in a shady location. It will be nice to attend every now and then if I can't make it to the gym on my regular schedule. Kids are welcome to come, so I might take Liv with me sometime as she is always begging to go.
  • I think I have come to a conclusion with my 3 month long Paleo study. 2 months on, 1 month off. I still feel good as far as RA symptoms go, so I'm not convinced it had much to do with my diet. I do think it's healthier to eat that way and I definitely saw changes in weight loss and muscle tone, but I don't plan to stick to it 100%. My digestive system actually didn't like it too well, but we won't go into that. I'm glad I did it, I learned some ways to eat healthier, I got some great new recipes that I will continue to use, and I'm more aware of the choices I make about what I put in my mouth.
  • The weather has taken another cold turn and has dropped 40 degrees in a few hours. I'm hopeful this is the last cold front. It's been a pretty odd few weeks.
  • I had a dream the other night that we heard from our Realtor that all of the people who had seen our house were just neighbors wanting to see what our house looked like and not interested buyers.
  • Two of our friends had babies this week. When I told Liv about the second one being born she gave a disgruntled sigh and said "WHY ARE ALL THESE FRIENDS HAVING BABIES?!" She didn't seem to thrilled, but I am thrilled for them and look forward to getting to know Benjamin and Rhett.
  • The Office is almost over with and I'm glad. This has been the roughest season yet. 
  • Vampire Diaries has also taken an exhausting turn. Either that or it's just a show better watched back to back.
  • This list is long enough, goodnight!

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