Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It was a blustery day but we still managed to have more fun with the Moores yesterday!
The last time they were here we went to the zoo and this is what the boys did
And this is what they did yesterday
And here were the girls last time
And yesterday. 
I just love comparison pictures :)  
We enjoyed the elephant show, all the animals, the Children's zoo but most of all the black bears who were VERY entertaining and tried to nip Liv through the glass and jumped up on George.
 She sure is missing her cousins today!
I know she definitely had fun with them because I peeked in Liv's room today when it got too quiet and found her dead asleep like this in her chair. 
That NEVER happens!


Leslie said...

huge apprehension about that glass wall holding up. ACK!!!! but that place looks super cool, too. Oklahoma is where it's at!!

kmom said...

I'm glad the Moore's could stay more than one day and that the weather was warm and nice.

Tarren and Erin said...

I LOVE that picture of Alice and Olivia in their diapers! So precious!

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