Friday, May 10, 2013

Newsletter: 44 Months

Dear Olivia,
This month our house has been on the market and we have had several showings. Which means our house has been the cleanest you've ever seen it in your 44 months! You have become an expert at helping me get everything in its place and "just so" before a showing. And you've become a trooper at going random places at random times with Charlie as your buddy in the backseat. Of course why would you complain when half the time it seems the trip includes a stop for ice cream or cherry water from Sonic?! You still get emotional at times when you think about moving but other times blabber on and on about "the house on 13th street" or "I really wanna live in that green house" or other random real estate phrases you hear your daddy and I talking about.
After watching the movie Aladdin this month we were eating breakfast and reading our morning Bible story together. It was about Moses and the 10 Commandments and when I read the one about lying I stopped to make sure you knew what that meant. You immediately said, "Just like in the movie when Jasmine wanted Aladdin to tell the truth about who he really was." Sometimes you are much wiser than I give you credit for and I was proud that you could make the correlation so quickly!
While you've always loved Thomas the Train and some of your best buddies are boys, this month you seem to be categorizing things as "boy things" and "girl things." You'll say you can't play with trains because that's a boy toy or that boys can't like pink because that's a girl color. I'm not sure where you are getting it from but you are pretty adamant at times about it no matter how much I say it's ok for girls to like trains and boys to like pink!
We've had lots of dandelions and other small yellow "flowers" appearing in our yard this month and you love to pick them and bring them to me. I wish I could put them in a vase to look pretty for longer than 5 seconds, but weeds just don't stay nice looking for very long! But it doesn't matter to you because it just means you get to pick me more!
Sometimes conversations lately with you feel like the $25,000 Pyramid gameshow where you are trying to get me to figure out what you're talking about. Like tonight:
Mama what is that pink thing I have?
Your blanket?
No the pink thing I twirl in.
A tutu?
No it's new and I twirl in it.
Yes with princesses on it, it's new, I twirl in it and it's pink?
YES!! MY NIGHTGOWN!! Thank you for my nightgown mommy!
(Phew! I got it! Did we win the $25,000 though?!)
Other funny phrases this month included tonight at the mother/daughter banquet we were supposed to describe our outfits and write it down on a card to be read at the "fashion show." I asked you what we had on that was matching and you proudly yelled, "I know! We both have on panties!"

While driving down the road you shouted "Look at that trophy!" I was stunned that you knew what the word trophy was but then 5 seconds later you said "Mom, what IS a trophy?"

One day you were sitting on the potty and started screaming my name so loudly I thought you were injured and ran in to see what you were shrieking about. Pointing at a crease line on your belly you said excitedly "Look! I have a stripey thing like you! Now I'm a mommy too!"

You refer to the new McDonalds being built down the street as the "Shortcake Dentist" building. I have NO idea how this came about.
This week while you were eating breakfast and I was at the counter making your lunch box for Mother's Day Out, you stopped in the middle of eating, ran and gave me a hug, and with your face buried in my leg said "You're my best friend, mama" then ran back to the table to finish eating. It was random and you are three and I know you won't always feel this way (In fact, I know you will feel very opposite of this way at times) I just want you to know that while you might not always want to be my best friend (because it's hard to sometimes when I also have to be your mother), I will always be here for you with open arms and open ears and an open heart. Call me any time of day, cry for no reason, vent til your blue in the face, laugh til it hurts, or just sit with me and be still together, all of it is quality time!
Tonight we had a mother/daughter night at church and you were looking forward to it all week. Every day you asked me if the banquet was tonight, and when I told you no it's on Friday, you would start to cry. You were so excited to go, be with your friends, be silly with your mom, paint our nails, and eat lots of yummy treats. The mommies got to hear a wonderful lesson about raising daughters from Ms. Debbie and we wrote letters to be sent in the mail to our daughters about how much we love them, character traits we admire about them, and what we'd like to see for their future. I know I write you a letter every month on the blog but I rarely focus on those specific things so I'll sum up what I wrote here: I love your sense of humor, your adventurous spirit, and your kind heart. You are already a great friend who is good at sharing and empathizing with others. I pray those traits will grow as you become a compassionate adult who cares about others. I pray you grow in the Lord and use your spiritual talents to find ways to serve Him. I pray you are a confident woman one day who not only cares for others but cares for herself, is proud of who she is, and who can forgive herself when she messes up. I pray you will love and respect yourself and others, and that you will always know how much your daddy and I love you.



Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen and Amen. Grandma loves you sweet girl. Happy 44th.

kmom said...

Dear Olivia, When I was about your age, I liked dandelions too. I didn't like it when my dad took them away when he mowed. I love you very much! Grammy

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