Monday, May 06, 2013

Return to the Zoo

Liv has been BEGGING to go to the zoo everyday for a few weeks now. We had let our zoo pass expire quite a few months ago, and I wasn't sure I wanted to renew it since all she seemed to want to do was play at the playground there the past few times we went and couldn't care less about the animals. When I looked online and saw that the passes were on sale at Mathis Brothers (until May 15th!) I decided not only would we go on this beautiful spring day, but we would go ahead and get our pass for the year! (Because it pays for itself if we go 3 times in one year)
I think the time off was long enough because she was so excited to see the animals. And random ones too like rhinos and fish! We were most excited about feeding the giraffes which we had never done. She was a bit nervous, but was brave enough to feed them some lettuce.
She wanted her picture taken on ALL the animal statues. 
We got tokens to ride the carousel, but at the last minute she got too scared so we spent them on a train ride instead.
We finally got to see the elephant show. It was short, but good. Liv was upset that they didn't lift any logs (which there were an abundance of) but I told her they were probably still working on that trick.
 We had a picnic at the playground and played there a good while. I didn't bring a change of clothes because I thought the water park wouldn't be open yet, but it was. We'll tackle that next time!
We were there for 6 hours, she walked the whole time, never complained or threw a fit of any sort, and we had a wonderful day together just the two of us, so what better way than to end the day with ice cream!
Check out how much she's grown in 2.5 years in the same tunnel!


Leslie said...

i like the stripey butt.

kmom said...

What a joy to see how much Olivia has grown in so many ways. What a joy to have a mother who is so smart! (The elephants haven't learned that trick yet. That made me laugh.)

Erin said...

So fun! We haven't been in awhile since the last couple of times have been out of control with crowds. I wish we could spend 6 hours there - nap time is too critical for us!

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