Sunday, May 19, 2013

Say Hello to My New Niece!

I'm scared someone seeing a sonogram on here will just be looking at these pictures and not reading the actual post so I need to put this in large font 
But I am equally as excited to loudly post 
(I realize I am already one to 5 marvelous nieces and nephews, but I'm still excited to become one to my sister's child!)
This little girl will be here in the fall and I'm excited  for my sister to weigh more than me to meet her! (But seriously she still hasn't reached 100 pounds. She said she's going to make a celebratory cake when she does. Teeeeny tiny lady is gonna have the cutest biiiiiig ol' belly!)
She told our family in a cute way when I was home around Easter. My parents have stone bunnies in their flower bed to represent each member in our family. One got added when I married Ryan, one got added when Liv was born, etc. So Amy and Joe gave my mom an egg with a gift inside. When she opened it up, there was a stone rabbit. In the video you can hear me scream with excitement because I realize what this means...then you can hear my dad catch on....then poor mom, still clueless while thanking Amy for the nice gift. Ha! Love my mom!
 Anyway after she caught on and the video ended, she got more excited :) Here they are posing with the bunny.
Liv doesn't know why she's holding this but I think she will love having a cousin in TN! She may not enjoy splitting the attention from the grandparents though!
I won't post a belly pic (but it is growing!) but I will post one of my beautiful sister and her croc wearing husband. 
I'm already gathering up hand me downs and shopping the stores for my niece!
Amy, Joe, and baby girl bunny with a pink ribbon in the garden!


Michelle said...

That's so cute! How fun! You'll be a great aunt!

The Moores said...

Got a little teary watching that. How exciting! Congradulations Amy and Joe!

Anonymous said...

That is SO great! Congratulations Amy and Joe. We'll be praying for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery this fall. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Sandra said...

That is so precious!! Amy had sent it to us Aunts and Uncles. I think I watched it 5 times in a row. I passed the link on to Erica and Colin.

Erin said...

Your mom cracks me up. I love that she took forever to have it sink it. Congrats Amy and Joe!! That is SUPER exciting!!!

Leslie said...

oh, congratulations! that's such a fun fam tradition, but i can't help wonder...who's the broken bunny?!?!! Eek!

Shawn and Becky said...

Awesome . . . congratulations to you and Jo and Amy!

Jennifer said...

That was great! I loved your mom's reaction.

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