Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adventures in Bricktown

It has been fun having company at our home and then seeing family in TN, but that also means we have been out of our routine for about 3 weeks now. Which can been easily seen in the actions and attitudes of a 3 year old (AND a 30 year old) at times in this household. It has been nice to get back into our old routines the past few days and that meant going to see the Kids Summer Movie in Bricktown today.
The feature was Madagascar 3 and it was a pretty cute movie and age appropriate for Liv. We got there early so we walked around and fed the ducks.
After the movie we headed to the playground for a picnic. 
We found the dancing fountains to play in. 
And some fun statues to climb on. 
I was taking a picture of these beautiful flowers when a butterfly happened to come and let Liv get very close to it. 
I love spending time with friends, but I also love being with my little girl and cherish our days when it's just the two of us!
 Yes, routines are good for the soul....but so are interruptions, and we are looking forward to more excitement as Liv's fairy godmother arrives next week from NYC!!

Here are some of Liv's pics of our adventures. She loves to use the camera. Not too bad for an amateur photographer!


kmom said...

Great pictures, Olivia! (and Mama too.) Good to see you both, even if it is only in pictures.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Great pictures Olivia. You're a natural photographer. Love ya, Mom aka Gma


That pic Liv took of the pink flowers is frameable! Nice job!

Leslie said...

they moved him?!
re: the buffalo

Erin said...

How fun. I'm excited for days when we can go to the summer movie. Jace wouldn't sit through one now!

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