Sunday, June 23, 2013

Budding Mechanic

Last week we headed to Seminole so Lo and I could talk the kids could play. Liv was in desperate need for some slip-n-slide time (all that olive oil made her skin even browner!), treats at Gaga's, and rides in the Gator.
The battery died on it after a few laps but her and Des "worked on it" for like an hour and lo and behold, it somehow found the energy to keep going for a few rides longer!
G was more content to sit and watch those crazy kids.
By the time we got home I had to figure out how to dead lift this sleeping 35 pound kid out of the car. She didn't even wake up when I laid her on the couch or shook her violently screaming her name. Once I whispered "wanna watch My Little Ponies?" though she perked right up!


Anonymous said...

Who can resist My Little Ponies?! The Cherokee in that girl sure is coming out. Did you ever get her card? You're close enough to Tallequah you could go pound on their doors and demand her card. Happy SUMMER. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Ryan and Katie said...

No we were just discussing that tonight too, maybe it got lost in the mail?

Leslie said...

they look so happy together!

kmom said...

It always comes in handy to know some magic words.

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