Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Need A Point and Shoot

I am going to be super sad in a few months, when the memories start to fade in my mind and I look back on this post and realize I have hardly any pics of the past 10 days in TN. I really didn't want to lug the big camera everywhere we went and I have no phone that takes cool pics so I will just draw pics in paint where I need to fill in the gaps.

I got to see Celeste a lot more than usual which was wonderful. We drove to Oxford, MS one day (which I had never been too) for a little road trip. Such a cute town! We shopped in the square, met up with our high school friend Katie and her sons, ate lunch, and went to a park so they could play. Then we went and drove around Ole Miss's campus. I wanted to explore this building (and all the other antebellum homes in the town). It's so cool to me that these buildings are older than the civil war and people get to go to class in them! (I know that's not that cool if you live on the east coast) Next time we visit we will take the kids so they can play with Katie's kids and her new baby girl coming soon! On the drive home we passed this abandoned campus that I wanted to explore very badly. Maybe next time.

Then we picked up the kids and headed back to her house so they could play. Madeline showed Liv her little playhouse and we rode the golf cart around the yard about 100 times. Liv called it the gator.
Another day Celeste and I ate at the cupcake place in Henderson and let Liv tag along with us this time. I didn't realize all they served was chicken salad for lunch so Liv had a cupcake for lunch that day. Actually just the giant delicious wad of icing on a cupcake for lunch that day. Then we drove out to see Celeste's recently cleared lot where her house will stand one day. Then we went swimming at Ms. Spring's pool for the rest of the 100 degree 100% humidity day!
One night Poppa had a meeting so we declared "girls night" for Liv, Grammy, and me. We ate Besso's gelato then came home to put pj's on, build a tent in the living room, and watch the cartoon Alice in Wonderland while eating popcorn. Afterward a rousing game of Hands Down was played.
And look who was in Henderson while we were here on part of their epic road trip?! David's grandparents live down the road from my parents so we got to play one day and Alice and Liv were even in Bible class together on Sunday.
Grammy came up with lots of fun activities to do every day with Liv: playdoh, the park, Chick-a-saw, sand box, backyard parade with noise makers, sprinkler, tricycle, water guns, and we went swimming at Ms. Spring's house one day too. They also enjoyed the swing lots. (My daughter's skin color really makes her look adopted at this point of summer)
We drove out to Jessica's and Liv got to play with Aiden. It's a bit of a drive out there and Liv was fascinated by all the farm land. She kept saying "What are all the lines in the land mommy?" They had fun and jumped on the trampoline and played with toys. Liv found a stray cat to wrangle in the yard. They looked at the garden and Liv picked some peppers. Tamara and Brandon joined in for some fun in the pool and Liv was excited that she could touch and walk around! (It was like a 3 ft. deep pool) They were telling me how good the cupcakes were at this little place in Savannah so her mom was nice to drive there and pick up a bunch of flavors for us to try. (If you ever go there, get the turtle cheescake, delicious!) We didn't mean to stay all day but were having so much fun. Liv threw a fit when it was time to go and fell asleep on the drive home.
My cousin Eric and Aunt Brenda were in town for a few days from Michigan so Eric could get registered at Freed for the fall. My youngest cousin is now in college, just another thing to make me feel old! So Greg came up from MS to see them one night too. We just had a big family reunion in the driveway Friday night catching up and catching lightning bugs.

We also spent time visiting Pop. Liv enjoys exploring the grounds at Southern Oaks while Pop and I enjoy holding hands and listening to the birds chirp. (It's amazing what you can hear when you turn your hearing aids on!)
Liv's preferred method of travel while we were in TN: Poppa's shoulders.
And of course I wish I got pics of Liv's face when she is reunited with her daddy. I can't even draw something that awesome in paint so I won't try but it's priceless!


Becky W said...

I, personally, LOVED your pictures, but I wish you had one of LIv patting your dad on the head during church one time when we were standing to sing. I just LOVED seeing her pat his head and then bending down to look at his face as if to say, "Hello!!! Did you NOT feel me pat your head?"

Leslie said...

yay for drawings!

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