Sunday, June 09, 2013

It may not be politically correct

I've mentioned before how wee my sister is. She wears like a size 2 shoe and still shops in the girls section of clothing stores. So while it may not be appropriate in most situations, we felt her early birthday celebration could also celebrate the fact that she finally tipped the 100 pound mark on the scale thanks to the baby in her belly! It only took 34 years and a few months of pregnancy! Congrats Amy! (You still can't donate blood though, I think you've gotta be 110.)
We girls are pretty excited to welcome another girl into the family.
 I had fun celebrating with her even more as we looked for baby girl's room decor and registered at two stores the next day. And we looked through ALL the hand-me-downs I brought her from Liv. I'm glad I'll get to see those adorable outfits on another adorable little one!


Leslie said...

how is she so leetle?!

Ryan and Katie said...

she has leetle parents and grandparents.

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