Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Kickin' off the summer with music!

Saturday I took Liv and Noah to see Spaghetti Eddie play at the Myriad Gardens. 
There was quite a bit of flooding there and I was amazed to see how cleaned up it was when we were back in 24 hours for the Sunday night twilight concert series featuring Squirrel and Friends. My daughter loves live music and stood rightnextto the stage and sometimes the speakers while she jammed out with her 3 year old friends! So much fun, I look forward to Sunday nights this summer! 
FYI: Spaghetti Eddie is a children's musician and despite their name Squirrel and Friends is not. I think the calendar described their style as "indie/fusion." I don't know what that means but we enjoyed it!


Michelle said...

I wish we lived in the city to do fun stuff like this! The castle was not from a kit, my Dad made it out of boxes and 8 pieces of wood. Then we used a ton of spray paint to try to at least get one coat on it before it started pouring down rain. It's totally portable, so if you ever need one you could borrow it! I think secretly he loves it cause it's like VBS for him again. Making an over the top set!

Gena said...

We love Spaghetti Eddie. Erick records all of his CD's. I think that should mean we go to more of his shows, but we don't! We'll be on the lookout for you guys this summer.

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