Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More About that Cat Wrangler

I mentioned this in the newsletter and had to share more pics from Memorial Day. Just check out how patient/terrified this little kitty is.
I don't think the feline saw the irony in the Hello Kitty shirt Liv chose for the day.
I think this one was named Spot by Noah and the spotted kitten was named Ninja. I am certain they are glad to be in a different home now away from this little girl's firm grip! Look at that fear!


Gena said...

That last cat face could be on a card. Pure terror. Oh my gosh that made me laugh.

kmom said...

The look on the kitten's face in the last picture is priceless. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

I guess there won't be any cats joining the Isenberg any time soon. Love, Mom aka GMa

Erin said...

I LOL'd at that last picture. Hilarious!!!

Leslie said...

must. submit. to some online something. MUST.

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