Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Neji Wrangler

I'm surprised people ask us to dog sit after they see pictures on the blog of Liv's cat wrangling skills and dog obsession. She was at it again last week with poor Neji.
She's even been nipped at and bit a few times (and was fully deserving of it and none were serious) and CANNOT seem to keep dragging this poor dog around!
I hope Noah brought him a present back from Disney to apologize for the torment he suffered at Liv's hands this week!


kmom said...

I hope her baby cousin survives her treatment.

Ryan and Katie said...

Me too! I think you will all be glad we live far away then ;)

Anonymous said...

Charlie is lucky shes too big to pack around. momakagma

Jana + Ryan said...

I was wondering where the cutie in your backyard came from! I just kept calling him "White Comet".

Leslie said...

how do we go about getting MORE ANIMALS to your daughter?! these are hilarious!!!

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