Monday, June 10, 2013

Newsletter: 45 Months

Dear Olivia,
I just realized today that I forgot to write your newsletter, because we are in Tennessee having the time of our lives. Our trip won't make for a very good post though because I haven't been taking any pictures, but we sure are making memories! You have been having fun with cousins and Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe but mostly love spending time with Grammy and Poppa. Every now and then when we are doing something fun (like being at the lake at Chickasaw Park or going to get Gelato at Besso's) you sigh and say "I really wish daddy could be here for this." It's pretty sweet and I wish he could too, but he doesn't get as much vacation time with his job as I do with mine! I am so thankful we get to make these trips together though.
We have had some horrible storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma this month. While we have taken shelter, thankfully our family and home haven't been touched, but many others have and it's been hard to know how much to share with you. You seem to be blissfully unaware if I make you watch the ipad in the hallway with pillows, blankets, and water bottles while I stay close to the weather channel in the next room. If you start to notice it's thundering loudly, I'll come sit with you a bit until it passes. Your daddy has gone to help with the clean up and we have taken donations to places together and talked about helping others, but mostly I just leave you in the dark about how bad the storms have been because I don't want you to be fearful and scared anytime you start to hear raindrops or a rumble in the sky.
The storms kept the weather so cold Jenna's pool got a late start to opening season. It's still a bit too cold for me to get in, but you did not mind and thankfully Jenna didn't mind getting in with you. The smile on your face was 100% pure delight....or maybe it was hypothermia setting in. We got to swim at a friend's pool in TN today and you jumped in to me and even swam on your own using the pool noodle. I'm trying to avoid floaties this summer in hopes you will get better at swimming on your own and going under water. We've got a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to all the water fun we will have this summer.
Speaking of summer, we are already off to a fun start with visits from family, a trip to TN, church activities, pool fun, play dates, and the summer movie program starting. I really hope we aren't making your daddy jealous with all the fun we have been having during the day. I also hope you aren't getting spoiled to going so many places that you can't seem to find anything to do while we take it easy at home every now and then! Being that our house is still on the market though it has been nice to be able to leave it clean and get out and do things rather than clean up the toys everyday.
Some months you tend to test your limits with certain behaviors more than others and this seems to be one of those months. The potty talk is full on and instead of keeping it to yourself or your friends you've branched out to use filthy language in front of visitors, family members, and sadly even strangers at assisted living facilities. An elderly lady asked you the other day how old you were and you looked at her and said "Poop" in the sassiest tone possible. Thankfully I think she was a tad deaf and I quickly said you were 3. I can ignore the potty talk if it's around me, but I gotta draw the line at the innocent geriatrics! I pray that's as awful as your language ever gets too!
A few weeks ago some stray kittens showed up on Jenna's doorstep and I thought we would end up taking one home you were SOOO OBSESSED with them. Every moment we were there you had to at least be holding one, if not both of them. You were never afraid to pick them up, despite having never even been around kittens or even cats before. Thankfully I have a strong belief that cats are only fun on youtube videos, so I held firm and Jenna found homes for them. But for a few days you were truly the "cat wrangler!"
One afternoon I took you on a walk around the pond at Grammy and Poppa's house. I showed you the secret waterfall by the railroad tracks in the woods where I used to play. We ventured through weeds, trees, tick infested land and I'm sure poisonous plants to find the opening in the barbed wire fence to the horse field, sadly there were no horses out. We had a great chat as we walked hand in hand. I have always loved seeing how your little mind works and processes things and our conversations in the car, on walks, or at bedtime are often some of the most meaningful times for me as a mom and I hope they will be fond memories for you as a daughter too. I love you sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

Grandma loves you sweet Olivia. Happy 45 months. I can't wait to see you next month and give you lots of hugs and kisses.

Shawn and Becky said...

Not that you think it's funny as her mom, but to the rest of us I'm so glad you put that into her newsletter. Her 'potty talk' will be funny to her later . . . especially when it wasn't really heard by the older person. I'm always glad that people can't hear as well as I can - I've covered up a few of Cameron's words too!

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