Sunday, June 30, 2013

Please Don't Go Girl

Erin (AKA: Liv's fairy godmother) was here last week for the longest visit I think we've ever had in Oklahoma and it. was. marvelous. Words can't describe how much I value our time together or our 27 year friendship.
Her visit came at the perfect time because my life is feeling hectic and overwhelming and she makes me calm, cool, and collected amid the house showings, family shuffling, tick infections, rotten teeth, medical bills and other chaos I feel is piling up this month! The first night she was here we set out to conquer the top of the Devon Tower. I hadn't been to the top yet and although we didn't have reservations you can always sit in the lounge area for appetizers, drinks, or dessert. It was a beautiful view and we chatted til the sun went down and then some.
The next day she ventured out to Bricktown for the summer movies with Liv and me. We saw The Lorax and of course fed ducks and got a cupcake.

Erin and Liv had a slumber party every night and I loved finding them in the morning watching Liv's latest favorite internet sensation: exploding actresses.

On Thursday while Liv was at Mother's Day Out, Erin and I got to go shopping and we checked out the new Pie Junkie in the Plaza. Yum! She got her a new Thunder shirt to represent us in the NYC.
We spent lots of time swimming and lounging at Jenna's as we had 5 house showings while she was here. And one of her goals was to try and get as dark as Olivia...I don't think that happened yet.

Friday night we stopped by Wayne Coyne's art gallery for some pics

Then headed down to H&8th for some food truck fun and live music. It was crazy busy, but we found a good spot to enjoy our food while the kids danced front and center. It's definitely the best people watching event in the city!

There were a few tears shed when I dropped Erin off Saturday at the airport. As I climbed back in the car and wiped my eyes, Liv said in the most depressing tone ever "Now you don't have a friend anymore, mom." I sobbed even harder for a minute and tried to explain we are still friends even though there are miles between us, but it sure is more fun being in the same city! Love you E!


kmom said...

Glad you had tons of fun with Erin.

AM said...

Looks like a fun week!! My best friend was in town a couple weekends ago and when we took to her to the airport and I cried Isabella said, "Its OK Mama. We can go to the park to play and I'll find a new friend for you." I said, "its not the same Isabella"...
Then she just asked me why about 10 times. :) Glad you got to spend time with your friend!

Leslie said...

my heart breaks for you. i hate saying bye to friends. :(

Anonymous said...

I love you Katie (and Olivia and Ryan). Thank you for letting me come hang out. I had a wonderful time. As always, it was very sad to leave. I will hopefully see you again soon.


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