Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Splash Day!

Splash day was last weekend at our church and the kids had a wet-n-wild time. There was a big slide with pool at the bottom, little slides, water hopscotch, water guns, water balloons, tricycle car wash, water table, and watermelon!
It was hard to keep the camera dry so I took a few pics at a few places then put it inside for safe keeping
Liv did brave the slide one time but decided that was enough for her! 
She preferred to do whatever Elle was willing to do after that!
(these posts are brought to you by Liv's turquoise swimsuit which she has pretty much worn every day for the past week as you can tell from these last posts!)


kmom said...

Good try, Olivia, for being brave and trying out the big water slide. I bet everything was especially fun with a friend there and watermelon.

Anonymous said...

And what a pretty swimsuit it is. Do they have adult water play too? Love Gma aka Mom

Leslie said...

it's so nice that it's so warm out there!

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