Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Round Barn

In a few weeks we will be headed to Branson and I've been finding places online to stop along Rte. 66 to liven up the journey! Monday was just a motivator to get us going as we headed out with friends to see the Round Barn in Arcadia on Rte. 66.
I'd driven by before but never stopped. It's super old and super beautiful and you can get educated about it here, but the best part of it might just be Mr. Sam.
I wanted to put him in my pocket. He would've fit too! But he spoke too lovingly of his wife Martha that I knew he'd never go home with me. So instead I might just have to come back here sometime and listen to more stories of land runs, farm tales, barn dances, and Okie history while I'm not trying to tell my 3 year to stop trying to climb in the antique buggy.
You can even see Mr. Sam in tour guide action here. (I googled him and there's LOTS about him on the internet. You can even watch him dance in the barn loft!) He also let us in on another good spot to check out 3 miles down the road: one of the first filling stations on Rte. 66 with a scandalous history of murder and counterfeit money making. You know Liv and I had to check it out, so we left the group for a side trip.
Then we met back up with them at Pop's. 
Now I'm just ready for more kicks on Route 66 in a few weeks!


The Moores said...

So cool! Next time we're there we need to go see that barn. Does being round make it tornado proof? Are you going to drive 66 all the way or just make side trips? Sounds like fun!

Ryan and Katie said...

Thats the legend, but there is no scientific proof. I think we will just do side trips but we will see!

Anonymous said...

Dad loves Rt. 66 side trips. I remember driving by the round barn. Next time we'll have to stop. Can't wait to see my kiddos in a couple of weeks. Love, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Katie, now you are getting like me. Looking for places to tour between home and the relatives. Have fun!

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