Monday, June 03, 2013

Weathering the Storms

Ryan and I started scouting out the best storm shelters available months ago and after reviewing several applications we decided on a winner: OSSM's basement. Especially when school is no longer in session. The amenities of leather couches, big screen TV, on campus security, pool table, ping pong table, and shuffleboard exceeded our requirements and won the search by a landslide.
Are our homes still standing? Who knows, but our kids and hubbies are safe and I'm wearing a stolen green blanket so we can smile for a pic.
That's my attempt to be funny about the very serious topic of storm safety. In all honesty we were VERY fortunate and blessed to have friends who opened up their dorm basement to us and were so accommodating of my immediate family and extended family AND dog. And not just to us, but to many others.

Storms usually seem to go north or south of the downtown area, I mean our house is 75 years old and so are all the ones around it so I have taken some sort of satisfaction in thinking we are safe in this area. So when the storms decided to head straight for the metro, it was a little unnerving to say the least. Friday night was frightening, but being below ground for a few hours and then not having power for two days makes it all seem a little surreal, because we didn't hear the storm as it passed over and we saw no news feed afterward since we had no TV or internet at our house. I'm just now hearing reports of storm chasers dying and people drowning in drainage pipes that took cover there. I know I will see more in the days to come and I will stop and thank God we were able to be safe, but I know that wasn't the case for many. I can't imagine the fear of those stranded on the closed interstates during the hail and winds and I pray I am never in that situation.

The storms that continued for hours after we emerged from the basement kept us up most of the night and the thunder was so loud it kept setting off car alarms in our neighborhood. By the amount of texts, emails, and messages we received (from as far away as Norway!) in a matter of minutes, I can't imagine what the national news was reporting. I'm hoping Friday was Oklahoma weather's finale to tornado season though. Keep praying for those who are suffering from loss during all of this!

But oh to be able to be a child and completely unaware. Liv thought we were in that basement for a good time: scooter rides, games, friends, junk food, Disney movies. She was in heaven while us adults were trying not to panic and praying as we watched the weathermen point at our neighborhoods telling us where the eye of the storm was passing over.
My aunt and cousin are here for their yearly trip to see the national softball tournament and I'm pretty sure they are reconsidering visiting again after the weather and horrible accommodations at our house....luckily the two days without power they were mainly at the ball games anyway and the breeze at night through windows made sleeping pretty easy. But still. Look how good we manage to clean up without electricity on Sunday morning!


Anonymous said...

I am just SO THANKFUL you are all ok. I just have to say that we don't have tornadoes here in Newberg. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I forgot about how hot it can be without air conditioning. Glad you, your family and friends, and your house survived the storm.

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