Friday, June 07, 2013

When they weren't at softball games...

...they were having fun with me and Liv! We went to the zoo one day and met up with friends.

Rachel and Liv fed the giraffes.

And while the kids played at the spray grounds Joyce and Rachel went and discovered other animals. Then we met up later at the elephant show which I got no pics of.

The next day was the beginning of the Kids Summer Movie Program so they came with Liv and I to see Mirror, Mirror which wasn't really age appropriate for Liv but she watched it--mostly from the safety of my lap shielding her eyes during scary parts.

 Afterward there was a craft.

Then we headed to lunch at Texadelphia and a walk through Bricktown to see the Land Run Memorial.

I really love these statues. They are worth the walk.
Then we went to Pinkitzel.

I've been meaning to check it out with Liv, and today was the day!

Her cupcake was appropriately called "I Want Candy"

Not only do they have delicious cupcakes and awesome decor, but they also have a great gift shop.

It's next door to the old train station which I had also never been to, so we looked around in there and I decided I wanted to get married again (to Ryan) and have my wedding here.

So gorgeous! Then we waited to see a train but it never passed.

That night Oklahoma beat Tennessee in the championship softball game so the tournament was over and we headed to TN the next morning. Liv asked every 10 minutes if we were at the Rocky Tocky bridge yet. (meaning Rocky Top...meaning we sing that as we go over the bridge into TN over the Mississippi River). Anyway now we are are having more fun with family in TN! Stayed tuned for Amy's birthday 100 pounds party!

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lauren and brad said...

You guys did a bunch! All looks like fun! When I get back from Cali I am coming up for the day and pretending to be a tourist so you will take me to do all these fun things! xo

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