Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Truths and a Lie

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago having to get a temporary crown on my tooth and taking my daughter with me, not knowing how long a process it was. Having my 3 year old watch my every move as I reacted to the dentist made me much more aware of my actions. I obviously did not want her freaking out so shots in the mouth, numb face, lasering of a tooth, loud drilling noises, and people lurking over me with their hands in my mouth were fine. I kept giving her the thumbs up sign like "hey this is normal and mommy is ok!" I don't want her to fear the dentist. And I am usually fine with the dentist, however it's been awhile since I had anything besides a cleaning done.

Well I should've brought her with me last week when I had the permanent crown put on and decided to go ahead and have one of my baby teeth molars pulled. (Yes I have 2 baby teeth still in my head.) One has been causing problems for awhile as it has a huge cavity in it and it was becoming a hassle to clean. The dentist said when I was ready, he was ready. Might as well do it while I'm already there for a crown right?

I'm not normally afraid of the dentist, or any doctor. I don't even mind needles, but for whatever reason I was super anxious about having my tooth pulled. Would I look the same? Would I be able to eat? Was I about to ruin my upcoming vacation and getaway with my hubby because I would be in pain? Would I feel it when they pulled it? How do they pull a tooth that isn't even loose? How long will my face be numb? I can't be a mom with a numb face! Anyway you can see this worrisome trail of questions running through my mind wasn't going to help calm me. To tell you the rest of the story, we will play the fun game of two truths and a lie. If you've never played: two things I say will be truths, one is a lie, you have to guess which is which.

  1. I had an anxiety attack in the chair while getting shots in my mouth, tears started running down into my ears. They gave me extra gas and let me space out a bit.
  2. I started shaking uncontrollably like when I had my c-section and asked the hygienist to hold my hand as the doctor loomed over me and used all his strength to rip my tooth from my mouth and muttered "this is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be" while I tried to do deep breaths through my sobs.
  3. I recalled focus techniques and deep breathing used in labor coaching and was able to remain calm throughout the ordeal and even tipped the dentist on my way out with a wink and a toothless smile. 
I won't tell you which one is the lie but I have faith with reasoning and context clues you can successfully guess which is which. So maybe I should have let Liv come with me, maybe I would have been braver, or maybe it would have scarred her for life. There's really no way to know. I was in pain for a few days but it's healing pretty well and I sometimes even chew on that side. It did not ruin my vacation in any way other than the hassle of having to do salt water rinses after I ate and occasional tylenol therapy. And as for how it will change my smile....
Can you tell I'm one less tooth?
Me either.
(This other baby tooth I have better behave though because I'm not ready to go through that again!)

P.S. Thank you Danielle who watched Liv all day for me as I was a bit of a train wreck the rest of the day! And thanks to Ryan who took care of me and is always good at telling me when it's the nail I need to remove ;) and also good at just listening when I need that too!


Leslie said...

ugh! tooth stories! ugh!!!!!! sorry you had to go through that!!

Shannon said...

i havent seen that video before, funny! sorry you had to have the nail removed though.

kmom said...

I hope not, but I think #3 is the lie. Dentists can prescribe antianxiety medicine for you to take before you arrive. You or Amy did that once. I'm glad Olivia was not there. One's reactions are sometimes unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

Poor Katie. So glad you were all better for your Branson and Boston Mt. trip. Miss you guys. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

At least you didn't vomit or faint.

Shawn and Becky said...

Ouch! Wishing it was two lies and one truth!

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