Friday, July 19, 2013

Adventures of Red Bear & Green Bear

Chapter 1
The Route 66 journey to Gigi's

Red Bear and Green Bear missed their Great Grandma so,
So they gassed up the car and were ready to go!
They headed to Branson on Route 66
And threw in some extra stops to shake up the mix.
In Arcadia they saw a large bottle of pop
And a big round barn where they needed to stop.
They kept their eyes open for things to see
Like Lightning McQueen and his pal Sally!
There were many old buildings they stopped at to play
Can you find them here in Stroud at the Rock Cafe?
The Rock Creek Bridge in Sapulpa was fun
But it's closed now and too old to drive on!
So they walked on over to enjoy the view
And thought about the days when those bricks were new
Just look what they found in Catoosa! A blue whale!
They had a good time exploring him from head to tail.
Can you see them hanging out at the very top?
They weren't scared to climb up there for a stop.
The two bears hoped to get ice cream here at Top Hat
But it was closed so they took a photo and moved on from that.
Up next was Foyil with fiddles and a large totem pole
There was so much folk art here, it was quite a show!
So many pretty sites and good times
They even stopped to take in the beauty of bovines.
Hunger was getting the best of them at the end of the day
So they stopped in Vinita at Clanton's Cafe.
Then onto the Jasper County Courthouse built in 1894
Great architecture on the outside and even fun things indoors!

The last stop was the Whitehall Mercantile in Halltown
We heard great tales from the owner and some antique treasures were found.
The drive was adventurous, there were fun sights around each bend
But the best part was seeing this lady at the end!
They love their Gigi!

(We were also on this journey with Red Bear and Green Bear and really enjoyed Rte 66. Liv and I plan to make a photo book of the bears' trip and maybe we can add more chapters on future adventures with them!)
For more info click on the links below
Red Barn
Rock Cafe
Rock Creek Bridge
Blue Whale
Totem Pole Park
Clanton's Cafe
Jasper Co. Courthouse
Whitehall Mercantile


Anonymous said...

What a cute little story of an amazing journey! Glad to hear Red Bear and Green Bear had so much fun :) -April B.

ktsdad said...

I keep telling you, you could have a successful career writing children's books :-)

kmom said...

Glad you plan to make the story into a book. I enjoyed it. What a special treat that both bears were able to make the journey. We might consider future adventures with their TN cousin, Blue Bear.

lauren and brad said...

SO FUN! Great idea kate!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad Red and Green Bear brought you and Ry and Olivia with her to Gigis. Love ya Gma

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