Sunday, July 07, 2013

Eufaula for the 4th!

Independence Day is starting to creep its way on up there with Thanksgiving to be my favorite holiday. Spending time with friends or family, relaxing, eating, and minimal commercialism make for a good time! The weather was just perfect for a weekend with friends at their lake house on the 4th. We had some good times and there are so many pics it will have to be two posts!

On Thursday we went for a hike in the woods following the shoreline. Just look at that Oklahoma red dirt lake! It may not be pretty but it sure is nice to have our lakes and rivers filled again!
We weren't prepared to swim but when we found a cute little cove, the kids couldn't resist. ;)  Such free spirits! They swam and played for a long time while we "less free" adults watched on the shore, skipping rocks and dipping our feet in.
We ventured in to town to score some awesome finds at Boy Howdy!
Then came back home to eat Ryan's famous turkey burgers.
Liv was surrounded by boys the whole weekend, but didn't mind learning all about Beyblades and RoboRally.
These kids need to be in a catalog! Too much patriotic cuteness!
Then we headed back down to the lake to see an awesome fireworks show. 
We moms let the dads handle the sparkler pyrotechnics while we waited!
We stayed up WAY too late every evening. The kids had no bedtimes and either feel asleep on the way home in cars or on couches watching cartoons in their smelly clothes we'd played in all day. It was glorious. Impromptu yoga and zumba lessons also occasionally happened late at night along with games of Quelf and Charades. 
Up next: The fun continues with our day at Jellystone Park!


kmom said...

I'd like to try one of Ryan's turkey burgers.

The Moores said...

Mmmm, I remember those turkey burgers, yum! George and Nolan are totally into beyblades right now therefore, Alice is. She loves getting to be part of the battles. Almost got her one of her own for her birthday...but couldn't do it :).

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th! Love, Mom aka GMa

Leslie said...

Is that where the sandwich came from? Eufaula?

Leslie said...

no, wait. that's a muffaletta.

Leslie said...

and new orleans. never mind.

Ted and Anne said...

Love all your pictures Katie...and I'm so sorry, I think I've asked you this before (and my brain is not remembering!) but how do you know Ashlea??? Isn't she a doll?!?!

Ryan and Katie said...

We met in zumba at the gym! And yes she is ;)

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