Monday, July 08, 2013

Jellystone Park

Our 4th of July fun continued at Jellystone Park in Eufaula. 
Hey BooBoo! I think a see a picnic basket!
These kids don't even know who Yogi Bear is, but they sure had fun in his park! 
There was a pool and putt putt and lake inflatables (basically a Wipe Out course!) and kayaks and paddle boats (or is it pedal boats?) and it was pretty cheap! We stayed all afternoon and there wasn't a huge crowd or lines for anything so I thought it was better than White Water Bay.
Most of these pictures are of the 40 foot inflatable water slide because it was just so fun and I could look at Liv's smiling face on it over and over again! 
Noah held on to her so tight. Just look at the zoomed in shot!
I was too scared to go down until she decided she wanted to go down without Ryan or Noah but all by herself!
Fearless children!
Then I thought, if she can do it, I can do it. The first time I went with Ryan and he held me with this nice choke hold.
Then I got braver and went down alone. Twice was enough for me though! It was really fun! We had a great day and I hope we can go back some time!


kmom said...

Wow!!! Olivia jumped in the water without a floating aid and without anyone there to catch her? And then what? She certainly is brave to go down that huge slide by herself. Glad you mustered up some courage. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

That really looks like alot of fun. Think I'lll have to make a trip to Jellystone sometime. Love, Mom aka Gma

Ryan and Katie said...

The water was about a foot deep where she jumped in ;) brave for the slide but not for face in the water yet :)

Leslie said...

wait. eufula. is that where....

(just kidding, i'm not going down that path again)

FUN slide photos, friend!! way to capture the happiness!

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