Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Newsletter: 46 Months

Dear Olivia,
The summer fun has led to many late nights this month and my favorite thing to do with you lately is snuggle in the morning. You sleep in often and when you finally wake up and stumble to find me, you just want to cuddle for awhile. We sit in your chair and your head finds that perfect spot on me to lay and your legs curl up just so. As I let your body fold into mine I'm reminded each day how much smaller my lap seems to be getting. But my arms will always be open wide for you no matter how big you get!
While riding in the car this month you asked me if I knew Kelly Bronson? I said I did not. You went on to tell me how he was a friend of Red Bear's. I asked all sorts of questions about Kelly Bronson and you knew the answers. You've had imaginary friends before but never ones with a last name!
My favorite phrases you use this month:

You use "what" instead of "that." For example: There's the museum what we went to the other day. Remember that baby what I was playing with. It sounds so proper.

You put the word "actually" in front of about every other sentence. And you use a real expert tone of voice when you say it.

My least favorite phrases this month:

When you don't want to clean your room or do something I ask you to, you freeze, stand real still, and say "But I CAN'T, because I'm a STATUE!"

Or another trick you try is "I'm actually a mommy so I don't have to sit in my car seat. or I'm actually a mommy so I don't have to go to bed now."
You have SOOO many thoughts inside that mind of yours. On the way home from church yesterday in a five minute span you asked :
Why don't dogs go to church?
What is my ear hole called?
How many Chic-Fil-as are there?
When is it going to be Valentine's again?
Your daddy and I just look at each other in the front seat and smile as we try to answer each one...but after about 20 minutes of it we start rolling eyes and asking for quiet time! Even cute questions have a time limit!
We have been doing lots of fun things together this summer in the day time. I love the bond that we have and the time I get to spend with you. Somehow amid all the fun just the two of us have and maybe with the combo of moving to a new house soon, you are having pretty bad separation anxiety from me. When I go to the gym and leave you with daddy, it's usually after 40 hugs and kisses and drying tears and you running after me in the driveway until he scoops you up. You want me to do everything with you. If daddy answers your question, you re-ask me while I'm standing right beside me. It's hard to leave you when you're screaming and crying for me, but you are fine as soon as I'm out of sight. I thought those days were over when you left your babyhood ways behind, but I guess part of me is glad you still want me around!
This month you have taken me by surprise at how brave you can be. You had your first dentist appointment. While they were cleaning my teeth a nice lady came and took your hand and led you to another room by yourself. I didn't even go with you or see you the whole time (so I have no pics!) but they sent you back to me a few minutes later and the dentist said he had never seen a more compliant and happy 3 year old! They polished your teeth and you asked him all sorts of things and were excited about the minty flavor in your mouth and that you now get to floss! Considering you used to throw tantrums when a nurse asked you to stand on a scale at a doctor's office, I'd say we've come a long way!
You were also brave to go down the 40 foot water slide BY YOURSELF at Jellystone Park. I was even too scared to do it until I saw you, then I figured if my daughter can, then I can!! Even though you have been brave in many ways this month you still struggle with putting your face in the water and want us to hold you while you swim if you aren't on a noodle or float of some sort. You have swam just fine without any assistance, but when you realize you are doing it all by yourself, you FREAK out. This look of terror crosses your face and you shout, "Don't let me go or I'll DRAIN!" (meaning drown) A Hello Kitty towel has been incentive to get you to keep trying though and I have faith you will get there by the end of the summer! We've got lots of more hours to clock in with your buddy Noah at the pool!
Summer is flying by and as many of your friends are about to start Pre-K, I am reminded that we have one more year left together before you will be going to school. How can that be?! I'm so thankful we have another year of playing before your school days begin. Time really does fly. I know it doesn't to you but it will one day. Four years ago I was praying my baby would just hurry up and be born already....but now....looking back....I'm glad you took your time. Those extra days in the womb put you past the cut off date for school and I get an extra year to watch my daughter blossom, grow, explore, find her inner courage, and inspire me to do the same.
I love you!


kmom said...

Glad to learn the dentist trip went extremely well! Our baby is growing up!

Michelle said...

Oh she and Maddie will be the same school age!! How exciting....I say this as I realize they may never go to school together, maybe college...

Leslie said...

what a fun life.

Shawn and Becky said...

She's adorable. I love the special little things they say. Enjoy the extra year. I love having it with Cameron . . . but I also feel like he'd love Kindergarten in the fall. But we'll keep him home one more year!

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