Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Outdoor Art

This has been the mildest summer that I recall ever having lived in Oklahoma (knock on wood). Usually there is a point of summer when I can't even get cooled off in my own air conditioned home. Where I am taking cold showers and lying under a fan and still about to pass out from the heat. Where we can't play outside past 10 am because we'll die of heat stroke unless we are in a pool. Need I go on? I'm so thankful for the nice weather, cool evenings, and occasional rain storms. It's been lovely to be able to enjoy the outdoors during summer!
Just making the driveway a bit prettier for the new owners 
(don't worry mom it washed away in the rain!)


kmom said...

Katie, looks like you had some fun painting too.

Shawn and Becky said...

Just regular paint or special driveway paint? My boys would love that! Daddy would only like it if it washes off :)

Ryan and Katie said...

Its chalk paint, i think by crayola. Yes it washes off super easy!

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