Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pop! Pop! Pop!

We've just returned from a wonderful vacation week that included a Rte 66 tour, a family reunion, and a relaxing trip to a yurt in the mountains. I need time to gather my thoughts, unpack bags, and upload pics, but first I'll leave you with something to pin as the best car toy ever (well next to the ipad of course): Bubble wrap!
 She popped bubbles for about 2 hours!!
She might've gone for longer but we need some of that for packing in the next few weeks!


kmom said...

Experts might say that would be like playing with a plastic bag, but maybe they would say it is fine for ages 3 and over.

Ryan and Katie said...

I know you so well mother...I knew you were going to say that ;)

kmom said...

I think we have some in the attic. I'll ask Papa if we can part with some for your next trip home from here.

Leslie said...


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