Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Stars and Stripes Edition

We were out of the house all day last Saturday partly to cheer me up from Erin leaving, partly because we had house showings, and partly because there were fun things happening that I didn't want to miss out on! We swam at the Vasquez's and then saw the new Monster's University movie with the kiddos. It was super cute and I would've even enjoyed without a kid there! Then we headed down to the Stars and Stripes festival at the Boathouse. There were TONS of people and TONS of fun stuff for the kids to do and it was mostly all free. 
At the gymnastics area the helpers got down and asked in a sweet voice "Would you like me to judge you?" Liv just looked at them and said "no" and did her own thing. I thought that was a pretty odd way to entice children to want to do gymnastics, but it made me laugh.
I wasn't prepared with a change of clothes for Liv, but she did not mind running around in wet clothes the whole evening! 
 We watched several people attempt the new Sky Trail course. I couldn't believe how many little kids were doing it! Maybe one day I will be brave...but no cameras are allowed up there so really what would be the point?
It was great weather and we got to watch several boat races in between playing. 
Then we tried to occupy our time while we waited for the sun to set.
We stayed until dark to see the official lighting of the river. It's now the world's first permanently lit race course.
Then they turned those new lights off so we could watch fireworks! 
It took us over 30 minutes and one fender bender (not our fault) to even leave the parking lot and didn't get home until like midnight. Liv fell asleep in the middle of eating a granola bar in the backseat and had slobber all over her face and hair. 
Do you know how hard it is to pull wet clothes off a sleeping 3 year old to put her to bed? Needless to say, we slept in the next morning! I'm still glad we went though!


Leslie said...

there is SO MUCH to do in Oklahoma!! Fun life!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Another fun filled day in OKC. Why no cameras on that thing? Happy 4th! Love, Mom aka Gma

AM said...

Your firework pics are so great!! :) Mine did not turn out at all!

kmom said...

That was a super great evening!

kmom said...

Good to see White Bear getting some play time.

Ryan and Katie said...

I assume no cameras because if they dropped and fell on someone's head it could cause some SERIOUS injuries!

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