Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twilight Concert Fun!

We've still been enjoying the Twilight Concert Series with friends on Sunday nights. We've heard bluegrass, jazz, folk, and soul. I think bluegrass was my fav. We even had an impromptu OC Reunion at the Matt Stansberry concert. SO MANY ALUMNI! I'm pretty sure it was bigger than Homecoming. Anyway here are some of our recent pics.
Our old small group shut the park down way past twilight!

Erin and Jacers!
This is how Liv prefers to watch the music (see her in the pink shirt?)
Roxie and Lil Scarface!
One of my newest friends Fletcher
Fletcher football!
And this section is called "Hey take a picture of me doing this...."


Anonymous said...

Grandma likes to be up front at concerts too. We're missing you guys around here during all our summer fun with the Moore and Kronewitters. Love ya

kmom said...

It is a delight to see Fletcher. I enjoy seeing you and your family having fun with friends.

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