Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Wildlife that Olivia didn't wrangle

We found this baby bird hanging out on the bushes by our back patio. 
He looked too young to fly so I think he might've blown over in a great Oklahoma gust of wind. Liv wanted to touch him REAL bad, but I did not let her. You're welcome little bird! (I think it was the spirit of Tomas)
At the river festival we found this teeny tiny frog. 
I did let her hold it, but when she wanted to take it home I knew we needed to release it into the wild.
And while I typed this she just hit Charlie with a shoe. Guess we still need to work on gentleness with animals!


Anonymous said...

Wild kingdom in your own back yard. How wonderful. Love, Mom aka GMa

Leslie said...

that little frog is creeping me out. there must be more of them and a swarm of little frogs would FREAK ME OUT.

kmom said...

Hope baby bird survives. Little frog is so cute!

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