Monday, July 22, 2013

WINNter is coming!

Every other year the Winn family has a reunion and there is a theme and many times "Winn" is in the title. Therefore I proposed "WINNter is coming" for the next reunion. I'm sure Game of Thrones will still be popular then right?!
 Anyway, when we weren't hunting eggs and opening stockings, we older cousins were getting serious about Nertz! 
It's my favorite game! Kira is a great competitor and the more cousins the merrier!  Matt and Cody just can't believe how badly they are losing ;)
These are blurry because we are moving so fast! (or because Evan can't use a camera) We may or may not have stayed up past midnight playing this. And I may or may not be doing some kind of victory dance here accompanied by random smack talk.
There was also fun to be had at Gigi's neighborhood pool and dock
And Grandma introduced Olivia to her latest addiction: Candy Crush Saga. (Mona doesn't know it but Rick is checking her into CCA when they return to Oregon)
And cuttin' up with Aunt Debby
And rides on Gigi's walker.
And my crafty item for the family auction. I'm proud to say it was a top selling item along with Doug's cornhole boards!
Clark and Rick were great auctioneers.
The kids played their own games while the auction went on.
And we took family photos of course. The whole big clan!
And broken down into Grandma's mini clans :) 
Rick's family (missing a few!)
Sandi's family
Terri's family
Debby's family
And then Liv got to spend some quality time with this lady (and Gigi and grandpa, but MOSTLY grandma) while Ryan and I went to a yurt.


Mike and Debby said...

Cute! Nice job on the reunion pics. Debby is just sitting on the couch laughing and making oooooh's and ahhhhhhh's to herself, saying what a great job you do with your Blog and asking me if I can print all of them. Ha Ha!

The Moores said...

Love Nertz! Hate playing it with you because you always win! Thanks for all the pictures, itlooks like good times were had by all.

kmom said...

With all the fun and pictures, I forgot we haven't learned much about your yurt experience yet. Glad to see you had someone with whom to play Nertz. Nice to see Olivia using floaties again, but hope she can soon pretend they are on and swim without them.

Anonymous said...

Grandma loved every minute with her Okie Isenbergs. I start my CCA meetings this week.

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