Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Animals Schmanimals

Liv and I headed to the zoo after her OU appointment. We wanted to check out the new stingray bay and I told her she could ride the big and little carousels for being so good at her appt.
We were only there for about 5 minutes when we ran into Elle and Todd. So we spent the day with them and I don't think saw any animals after these!
I touched a stingray but Liv took her hand out of the water every time they passed by. It's neat but honestly I think it costs a bit too much. She did get brave enough to pet this horseshoe crab though.
Elle and Liv had fun finding Nemo in the anemone.
There are so many things to do at the zoo besides seeing animals that it just doesn't happen sometimes....another good reason for a zoo pass I guess!
As you can see, I felt great on Monday but during the night developed a fever of 102 and horrible sore throat and chills and even my clothes hurt to touch me. Ryan has stayed home from work the past 2 days to take care of me and Liv....did I mention we're moving in 2 days.....


Michelle said...

Yuck! We went to the zoo on Saturday for the Stingray Bay....Maddie about had a heart attack when a shark swam up under her hand, it was a tramatic experience for her, don't think she'll ever want to do that again.

kmom said...

Great zoo! Hope you are getting well and able to get things done. Love, Mom

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