Saturday, August 03, 2013

Earlywine Aquatic Center

Jenna has a magical way of getting free passes to certain places so there will be a lot of various water park posts coming up as we are checking out three different ones before they all close for the summer season! The first one was Earlywine Aquatic Center.
They don't look too sure about this place yet!
At six bucks the price is pretty cheap, so I would come here even if it weren't free! I love the shallow entry for little kids and the pool area has no deep end, I think in one area it may go to 3'8" but it's a very small area, so I felt at ease letting Liv roam around (I still watched from my chair). All of the places are easily visible and it was not crowded at all on a week day. 
The longest we had to wait for an inner tube was maybe 5 minutes but usually we could just walk right up! (However I usually needed the 5 minutes to recover from climbing all those stairs!)
Once again Olivia's bravery made me lots braver to go down this slide, and it was so much fun! We went SEVERAL times. Liv even helped push Noah and Jenna down!
Kinda like being flushed down a toilet...hopefully with less germs but it IS a public pool. :)
Liv even went down one of the big slides by herself and Jenna caught her at the bottom! I was so shocked and didn't think she would do it so I didn't have my camera ready!
Even though it's closing soon I will definitely be remembering it for next summer!


Anonymous said...

What a great place and great friends with great connections. Did I mention that this was a great blog. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

You are blessed to have great friends and great places to go so close to your home.

Shawn and Becky said...

Love shallow pools for kids to play in. I always feel so much more relaxed!

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