Sunday, August 11, 2013

Frontier City

Liv has been getting braver this summer. She's swam half the length of Jenna's pool, gone down ginormous inflatable slides, and gone down water slides without hesitation. She still is timid at times about random things so I really didn't know how she would react to Frontier City, but since the tickets were was a good time to find out! We picked a great day to go, the first day of OKC schools. So NO ONE was there! We practically had the whole place to ourselves! We headed first to the water area where the kids went down all the slides that were open (and I did too!) then got doused by the GINORMOUS bucket at the top of the whole apparatus. 

After spending a long time there we ventured out to the park to see what roller coasters they could ride. We found the "tame" rides first like the Ferris wheel and tin lizzies.
Then we tried the scrambler type fair rides. Liv was loving all of it. She would raise her arms in the air and smile so big! Noah looked squeamish on all of them but he was having a good time...he just forgot to tell his face ;)
Then we found the "kiddie" area and they got to ride a kid sized roller coaster, paddle canoes, pet some farm animals, and play on the playground.
Every time we passed the big roller coasters Liv said "But why can't I go on thaaaaat?!" Maybe next year....just 2 more inches! She was tall enough to ride the log ride and the river raft one.
Ryan met up with us after work and we both discovered we are too old for roller coasters. After 3 different ones and all we said was ow ow ow ow! the entire time, so I think I'm good for awhile...until my daughter is tall enough I guess! It was a really fun day and I loved seeing how much fun Liv was having!


kmom said...

Yay for Olivia trying new things!

kmom said...

Glad you mentioned that Noah had fun. He looked scared in at least 2 photos.

Anonymous said...

I was about 30 when I realized my roller coaster days were coming to an end. All that money to get into that theme park was wasted after I went on a wooden coaster and had an extreme head and neck ache the rest of the day. I still love that "flying stomach" feeling though. Maybe I should try sky diving. Or maybe not. Love ya, Mom aka GMa

Shawn and Becky said...

That place looks awesome!

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