Saturday, August 10, 2013

Newsletter: 47 Months

Dear Olivia,
I feel like so much is changing and about to change and so many of your friends starting Pre-K this week has made me a bit of a sap. I was doing pretty well with our upcoming move until our back up living arrangement fell through and now we are scrambling to find a place to live in 3 weeks! For the past 3 days all we've done is drive around looking for rentals and when we are home I'm searching the internet, emailing people, or on the phone trying to find somewhere that will take us, our dog, and our stuff for an undetermined amount of time. It's not as easy as you'd think! You seem to be taking it in good strides though (unlike me) and have played nicely by yourself when I needed you to and had a good attitude while we shuffled all over OKC!
One of your favorite phrases this month is "Is that a joke or a dream you had?" You overheard your pediatrician telling me some of her horror stories from her intern days in the ER (cockroaches in ears, maggots in casts, etc) and you looked and her and asked that question. Ha! And if you hear me telling daddy over dinner about something that happened in our day you often look confused and ask if I'm talking about a joke or a dream. I guess reality can seem vague when you live in a world of imagination!
Speaking of the pediatrician, we have had to see her 3 times now for that same tick bite you got on the back of your head 2 months ago. It seemed to be ok, then a huge knot formed, then you were on antibiotics, then it got smaller, but it's never gone away completely. You've never been bothered by it much though and were always glad to show Dr. Julie and the nurses your were also glad to get a toy from the treasure box each time and play hide-n-seek all over the office.
Random things this month:
You always want me to whisper secrets to you, but you still don't understand that to tell a secret you put your mouth to someone's ear. You just like to put your ear to my ear and start talking so softly I have no idea what you're saying. It's still so cute though.

You are obsessed with rolling the windows down in the car. We do have a lock on them and it has to be utilized often.

You have been having some interesting play sessions with your toys. Today you kept pretending a baby was dying and it was going up to heaven with Jesus. I don't know what motivated that imaginary scenario but it's always interesting to overhear your playtime!
I've been telling you all summer as soon as you swim without any floaties you can get a Hello Kitty towel. First you swam a few small distance between daddy and me. Then one day you shocked everyone by swimming half of Jenna's pool to me! I think you thought I was holding on and as soon as you realized I had let go, you started freaking out! You were doing so well though, as soon as you start believing in yourself as much as we do I know you will take off like a fish! Even though that was your last attempt, you still earned your towel and have been using it at the pool and at bath time ever since!
 You've been brave in the pool but you've also been brave at the water slides we went to and on amusement park rides at Frontier City. I'm always amazed at how fearless you can be at times and yet so shy and timid at others. But I see glimpses of myself in you that way so I always understand.
You've been very appreciative this month of the fun things we have been doing. In the middle of the parking lot walking in to a movie or going up the stairs on the water slide you have hugged my legs so tight and said "Oh thank you mommy for taking me here." And I always reply "Thank you for coming with me!" I guess we'll never know who appreciates it more ;)
You are ALL about the accessories this month! Can you believe that you picked this outfit out all by yourself? And can you believe I let you wear it in public? I'm a little shocked myself too, but I figure I can have more leeway when it comes to church or special events if I let you have your way when it comes to day-to-day events like grocery shopping and Mother's Day Out. The other day you dressed yourself and came in saying "Close your eyes.....then open them and see how beautiful I am!"
I have had to have a few talks with you this month about "being pretty" though. I didn't think it would start so early, but one day you threw a humongous fit when you couldn't find one of your bracelets. I asked why you needed it and you sobbed "I won't be pretty if I don't have my bracelet!!!" Another day you told me I wasn't pretty because I hadn't put on any chapstick. So we've talked about being pretty on the inside and how it's our actions that make us pretty, not makeup or jewelry. Ever since though I've been trying not to spend as much time in front of the mirror and making sure I don't comment on looks, mine or others. It's a part of our culture that won't ever change, but I hope you find things to like about yourself that aren't superficial so you will always feel confident and "pretty." Of course I will always find you pretty...inside and out, but just so you know, I also think you are smart, creative, brave, kind, witty, and one of a kind!

I love you sweet girl,


Anonymous said...

I love that last picture. Grandma prays that sweet Olivia will grow to be as beautiful in the inside as she is on the outside. Her parents are doing a GREAT job. Love, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Yay for Olivia swimming all by herself! Yay for Olivia expressing unexpected thankfulness! 0ur baby is growing up. I like the first picture.

Shawn and Becky said...

Love the last family picture.

Mistie said...

What is the name of that floatie and where did you get it at? Thank you.

Sweet girl!


Ryan and Katie said...

Its for babies but she can still fit in it. They sell them at babies r us. I dont know the name.

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