Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Rent House

We have moved! Because of our need for a place to live for an unspecified amount of time, it was becoming almost impossible to find a decent (and safe) place to rent without having to spend thousands of wasted dollars to possibly break a lease in what could be as little as 30 days. We looked at apartments and houses all over town and the ones willing to do month to month leasing were usually not in a part of a town I felt very safe being alone with a 3 year old in for most the day! We had a back up plan to live with family friends and store all of our belongings but that was also a tough decision as it could be as little as 30 days but it could be much longer if we can't find a house we like. Living with friends is great, but for a few months could put a strain on any relationship!
About 2 weeks ago we were swimming at Jenna's when we noticed a man over the fence trimming the crepe myrtles on her property line. She introduced herself and he mentioned he had just bought the house next door and was going to rent it when the currents tenants had finished building their home. She asked if he had any other properties coming available in the next week or so. When he said yes, she told him I would be homeless in the near future and needed month to month leasing. He said he thought he could work with me on it and to give him a call later in the week to see if he could get it ready in time for us. Thank you Jenna and thank you Rob! 
Thus we have moved to a rental house with much less square footage and on a much busier street, BUT our landlord is a very nice man who takes care of his properties (he painted every wall and piece of trim before we moved in and though our kitchen is tiny...it has granite counter tops), is willing to let us rent month to month, and even does the yard work! And there is a detached garage where most of our belongings are being stored at no extra cost!
I do feel blessed to have this place to live in, with a fenced yard for my dog and child, but it is hard to be in a state of limbo. We don't know how long we'll be here. We are still looking at other houses. We've even looked in Guthrie and Bethany. There's just not much on the market right now. This house hunting has been almost a year long process and although Ryan keeps saying this will all be a "blip in our lives when we look back on it" it just seems like it's taking forever right now. 

Yes we still have an offer on the short sale. We have met with a structural engineer and drainage specialist. Our offer has been approved by the first bank, but it also must be approved by the second bank (2 mortgages = 2 banks to deal with.) It could be 30 days, it could be several months. And even if they do accept, we may not want it based on how much money it will cost to fix it. So many decisions! 

We were blessed once again by friends with trucks and strong backs to make SEVERAL trips about 5 miles down the road to our new house over the course of 2 days. 
My fever broke on Thursday and we moved on Friday and Saturday! I was NOT feeling well at all and at one point took some meds and passed out for awhile on the couch in the new house while Ryan and Beezo kept moving furniture in! I don't recommend moving while sick, but I'm still glad we didn't wait til closing because we have a birthday party coming up and family coming to town and I wanted to be settled!
Thankfully 3/4 of our family seems to deal really well with change. Liv cried a few times the last week at our house saying she didn't want to move, but we talked about it a lot (while I tried not to cry too) and she stayed at Danielle's house both days we moved stuff over so by the time she got here, her room was already put together and she slept great the first night despite the noisy traffic! Charlie never whined while all the boxes and furniture were moved out and she has adjusted well to her new yard and laundry room bed. Ryan of course could live in a cave and probably be fine.
Thanks Danielle for the pics!
I, however, was a bit more of a basket case. I bawled after we read Liv bedtime stories in her room the last night in our house. I boo hoo-ed as I heard Ryan singing her songs with the lights out. I kept thinking about all of our memories there. And I logically know that I can take memories with me, that my home is where my family is, but it was still sad to me. I hope Liv remembers that house, but I realize as the years go by she may forget. But it's ok because the blog will remember for her :) After a good cry I was done and have been fine ever since. I still need to go back and clean up today and get a few remaining things (like all those clean dishes I forgot about in the dishwasher!), but for the most part we are here and unpacked and still looking for a more permanent place but blessed by this one and the friends who helped get us here!
Let me know if you need our new address!


Michelle said...

so glad you found a place to live! Good luck on the house hunt!

kmom said...

Grandmommy would say, "This too shall pass." I'm so grateful to your friends, especially to Jenna for being friendly to a stranger.


Oh dear Katie...you are taking me back to July 10, 1997 when we moved out of 304 W 2nd....my heart is sad for you and excited for you all in the same moment. I hope you guys find a permanent dwelling soon, so I know where to send your magazine subscription for christmas. =) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Glad you all found a place for now. Hope you all find a house soon! May want to stay away from Bethany...just being protective ;) I know WAY too much that goes on in that little town. Although, you could at least call Dustin anytime you needed law enforcement there! Good luck friend and let me know if I can help you with anything.


kmom said...

Your rent house looks cute. If Ryan does the yard work, maybe the owner will lower the rent. Remember to take the food and stuff out of the short cabinets at the very top of your kitchen.

Erin said...

I'm glad you found a place too!! I was hoping to help you with something, but nothing turned up :( I can't wait to hear about the next house - maybe something will come up very soon!!

Heather Valee said...

I heart the pic of Elle and Liv holding hands. Rent house looks so cute. There is something very special about homes we bring our babies home too, I understand the need for tearful closure in order to move forward to this next chapter.

Amanda said...

Your house was such a sweet little home.... I can't wait to see what this next chapter brings for you!

Anonymous said...

I wish you could get your new house soon so Dad and I could help you move in when we (hopefully) come down that way in October. Hope to talk to you soon. Love, Mom aka Gma

Shawn and Becky said...

I love husbands with the best attitudes, even though it's hard not to have a little pity party. Your home is so special, but your next one will be even more special.

Chellie said...

Good luck on the house hunt. There are always homes in our neighborhood for sale and we live right next to one of the best rated elementary schools in Midwest City. The cost of living is a lot cheaper over here too.
Your rent house is pretty cute. I hope the short sale works out.

atik khan said...

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