Tuesday, August 20, 2013

She blinded me with science!

We were back at OU for more exciting metabolic research and more money in Liv's college fund. This time we both got the usual stats taken: height, weight, bmi. She did not want to do the bod pod so we skipped that and just did this random one where she had to lay still for about 10 min with this plastic contraption on her head and watch My Little Ponies. It measured something to do with her breathing. I'm not smart enough to understand it all but they always try to explain it anyway :)
She was very compliant! Then we got to eat breakfast and play on this awesome rooftop playground at Children's Hospital!
I'm wondering if we can have birthday parties there in the future! So fun and colorful!
They also have an awesome rooftop terrace below this one for adults. I assume they rent it out but I don't know.
(Liv has been part of various metabolic research programs since she was a baby. See posts here and here.)


kmom said...

I think if a kid saw that playground before the tests, he/she would agree to anything to get to go to that playground.

Anonymous said...

What a fun thing to have a hospital! And how interesting that your daughter is an ongoing science experiment! :) Hey, when is your sister's baby due? Love ya, Denise & Chet

Anonymous said...

I never would have thought of having a birthday party at a hospital. Love, Gma aka Mom

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