Monday, September 09, 2013

All I Really Need is a Song in my Heart, Love in my Family

Grammy and Poppa are in town and we have been celebrating Liv's birthday all weekend! I'll have the party pics later but here is some of the other fun we've had.

We normally wouldn't have thought of going to the Banjo Museum, but it was free this weekend for their anniversary so of course we had to check it out!
It's a very small, but very well done museum in Bricktown. I learned all about the history of this American instrument and about the difference in 4 string and 5 string banjoes (?banjos?)
There were some very ornately decorated ones like this carousel banjo.
There is a replica of Shakey's restaurant inside and we got to enjoy a sing-a-long with live banjo music while we were dad especially enjoyed that!
We also went on the Paseo art walk that evening, but Liv did more shoulder riding than walking!
On Saturday, The governor was so nice to invite my family to her mansion for fun on the lawn and a private tour of her home. Ok so maybe ALL people were invited too, but we pretended we were special.
There were all sorts of things to do on the Governor's lawn: pony rides, story time, pumpkin patches, barrel train rides, bounce houses, laser tag, petting zoo, etc. She's got a big yard.
It was extremely hot that day so we hurried through all the booths and then went over to the Capitol where it was air conditioned!
My tax dollars make things pretty.
After church and the party, we were all worn out by the end of Sunday so what better way to relax than listening to music at the Myriad while Liv showed off her dance moves and worked on her fine motor skills as she put her new Hello Kitty necklace on everyone. And off. and on. and off. and on. 
Liv got to go out early in the morning for park and donut dates with Poppa, but of course I got no pictures of that because I wasn't there! But I did catch these two cuddling while watching cartoons.
We had our own birthday celebration before the big party and got to Skype with Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe so they could see Liv open the presents they got her. 
Hello Kitty Party coming up next!


Leslie said...

so, it's not a restaurant? weird. i'd be so hungry.

Ryan and Katie said...

Ha, nope i think you would be less confused when you saw the old menus on the wall and how cheap the food was.

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