Sunday, September 01, 2013

Book Review

Preface: I feel like with packing and moving it took me longer to read these books and I may not have an accurate review of them as I was a bit scatterbrained while reading them.

How Did You Get This Number is the second book of short stories I've read by Sloane Crosley. She is such a talented author and I laughed out loud at several tales. I think most women would enjoy her stories but especially single females living in NYC. I give it a 7.5. (I wrote this review too long after I read it to say anything more detailed about it)

Call the Midwife: Volumes 1 and 3. (Remember I accidentally read #2 first) I loved this series. And yes the show is good, but the books are so much better. The author not only had a passion for her job but for the people she worked with. It's so easy in life to look down on the poor, but she really respected them and the hardships they faced and it is evident in her beautiful writing. The books are not just about midwifery, but there are also great tales about living with nuns and the general state of London's East End after World War II. I give this a 9 and recommend it to everyone.

Her. This was the book club book for the month and it was rough. I'm not gonna lie. I did enjoy it, but it was hard to read. The author writes very openly and honestly about her life and loss of her identical twin sister. There is a horrific rape description and lots of self abuse and destruction that occur because of it. The survivor's guilt and identity issues that followed for the author are so raw that it's hard to put down at times yet hard to pick up at others. I think she is very brave to write it and very brave to still be alive. "Studies have shown that when an identical twin dies, regardless of the cause, the surviving twin's life is immediately at risk." This fact alone intrigued me in that my grandfather has been living without his identical twin now for I think 7 years. I can't imagine life as a twin or life as a twin without my twin. I give this book an 8.5 and recommend it if you like memoirs, just know to proceed with caution.

We have 4 new babies in our book club (!) and I made them these onesies as a gift. I enjoy getting cuddles from Rhett, Benjamin, Emory, and soon to be Catherine while we discuss our latest reads!

 Rules of rating seen here. What are you reading?


Anonymous said...

Haven't read any of them but I think I'll try the midwife one. Thanks for the tips. Love, Mom aka GMa

Leslie said...

i love the midwife show! didn't even realize it was a novel. interesting. have you read....shoot...maybe something about going somewhere...bernadette...

Where'd You Go, Bernadette

That's it. Had to google it. Have you read it?

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