Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Closing time, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.
Our house closing was today. And since we don't have a place to buy yet we just got a picture of us with a fat check! We've been living in our rent house a week and a half, but it was nice to have the extra time to clean up the place a bit.
And go back for just one more load of things....and one more load of things...and one more's amazing how many loads you think something will be vs. how many it actually is.
The family who bought our home wrote us a sweet letter with their offer 2 months ago. They basically said they decided on our house because their 3 year old daughter had to be torn away from playing in Liv's room and her patio outside.
Those two rooms are the ones I put the most love into when decorating our home so it made my heart glad that it helped sell our home, and that another little girl will get to enjoy the spaces!
Granted we didn't leave toys or furniture behind, but the curtains and shelves remain and the general look of the patio is there for them to add their own things to. We met with the family today and chatted a long time while the money was delayed in being wired to us. We answered their questions as best we could about the house and neighbors. They asked about the paint colors and told us how much they liked how I decorated :)
Some people have asked us why we decided to move, and without sounding really negative, we were basically tired of the neighborhood. It was a lot of little things adding up and some had to do with the changes to our neighbor's property that overlooked our yard. Attempts to discuss things with the landlord were fruitless and it was just time to move on. Now you may think it odd that we are still looking at houses in very close proximity to our old house, but I think most OKC dwellers know that the neighborhoods really can vary from block to block.

I won't wax on about what I will miss about my house (because I have a whole series of posts called "I love my house because..." that pay homage to that.) but I will say thank you to our other neighbors, Ryan and Jana, for making it bearable and giving us people to laugh with when things got ridiculous in the hood. For checking our mail and watering flowers while we were gone. For chatting on porches and over fences. For humoring my daughter and her dog whispering ways. For letting us pick your pecans. And for playing the awesome "hide the abandoned driveway flip flop game" for the past few weeks. We will miss you and hope the new neighbors are at least half as awesome as we were :)

The update we got today on our short sale is that we should have an answer by September 19...we shall see!


Michelle said...

awe, a little bittersweet for you all, hope the short sale goes through if that's what you want!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Love you all. Mom aka Gma

Shawn and Becky said...

Yeah for big fat checks, and for memories of your first home. The note you wrote the new owners is really sweet!

Jana + Ryan said...

Aw! You guys are just too sweet! Thank YOU for being such good neighbors... now you've left us behind with all of the crazies! I will definitely keep you updated on all of the neighborhood drama. I know how badly you will miss it after-all.

& don't forget that you are welcome every fall to pick our pecans if we get those candied pecans in return. :) just kidding... sort of.

Leslie said...

crazy! well, we'll just have to come hide out in olivia's new room whenever you guys move again!

kmom said...

You want a house with 2 full bathrooms and lots and lots and lots of storage space. The house you moved from lacked these.

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