Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First Day of School: Day School

Although Liv has been going to our church's Mothers Day Out two days a week since she was a baby, I feel the new Dayschool she is going to is different and therefore merits a post...even though it's just 2 days a week too! Maybe it's because it's at another church and I don't know all the teachers and all the kids there or maybe it's because it's a bit more structured or maybe it's because she has a cubby with her name on it, either way, today was the first day and she was proud!
She picked out her clothes the night before, she wanted to read Vera's First Day of School at bedtime, and she asked me again what her teacher's name was. If she was nervous this morning, I saw absolutely no signs. I'm sure it helped that we had been to open house there a few weeks before. She walked right in to her room, found her cubby (just like Vera!), and then sat down at her desk with her name on it and started to play with play-doh. A quick hug and kiss good-bye and that was that.
When I picked her up she had a huge smile on her face, told me about her new friend Alex, and then got a bit upset when she found out we weren't riding a school bus home. (?) All in all I think it was a great first day!


Michelle said...

She looks so big! It makes me sad cause I think oh Maddie will look that big real soon too!! Glad she had a good first day! Yes, it is a playhouse in a friends yard. Well actually, they live in the old Newkirk Hospital, their house is super cool, she has all sorts of toys for her grandkids! Anything at their house is prettier then our house in the background!

kmom said...

So glad the first day went marvelously well. Great planning ahead, Mama!

Leslie said...

did she hear about ben's bus ride??

Anonymous said...

Will she still be able to take a few days off school and come spend time with Grandma if we get to come in October?

Ryan and Katie said...

Leslie: No she cried because she WANTED to ride a bus and was bummed that it wasn't there to take us home!
Mona: Hopefully! It depends on my niece's arrival more than school though!

Shawn and Becky said...

So sweet. Glad she's so proud! She's so cute!

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