Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Guess who is 4 years old?!

This little lady celebrated with her friends and family on Sunday afternoon with a Hello Kitty party. With the help of Jenna, Sean, my parents and Ryan we were able to scramble pretty fast after church and lunch to set up the food table, bean bag toss, Hello Kitty play house, coloring sheets and stickers, Hello Kitty board game, and felt dress up Hello Kitty.

We carried out the thumb print theme again, this time with polka dots on Hello Kitty's dress.

After the kids played at the various activities we had a wonderful magic show from Darren and Landon. (It's their personal family goal to be a part of Liv's bday parties every year...remember last year Landon was Baby Bear).

The kids got to help out with some of the tricks. I think you can tell we were all amazed.

Ashlea's dad came all the way from Florida just to juggle at Liv's birthday party (that might be stretching the truth but he was still great!) He even decorated a juggling ball with Hello Kitty's face for her!

Then we had some fun outside with a parachute and Hello Kitty balls.

Then we had a pin the bow on Hello Kitty game.

After that we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed the cupcakes, no bakes, Hello Kitty waffles, watermelon, lemonade and crackers.

And of course Liv got to practice her manners after opening lots of presents!

Thank you to all who came and helped make Liv's 4th birthday so special!

This little girl is pretty excited to be 4!
And I am so blessed to have been her mama for 4 years now!
Hat made by Shanny!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweet girl. You have some pretty special friends and family that made your party look really fun. I love ya, Grandma

Erin said...

I love the felt board - it's still my mission to make one! :) Thanks for the invite - your birthday parties for Liv are always so much fun!

Michelle said...

So cute!!Looks like it was a good party!


What a fabulous party! Looks like fun! One of these years we'll get to celebrate with you hopefully! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!

Anonymous said...

I'm sensing a theme here . . . Does Olivia like Hello Kitty ?? :) Just wanted to wish her a Happy 4th Birthday! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Love, Aunt Denise

The Moores said...

Happy birthday Liv! Alice is sitting here on my lap looking at the pictures and wishing so so badly that she could've been there. We love you!

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