Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meeting Baby Noah!

Janine and Nate are in town! We have missed them so much since they moved to North Carolina. I'm glad they will be here for awhile so I can love on brand new baby Noah and catch up with some of my favorite friends (and hopefully Charlie and her sister Lexie can catch up too)! You read that right. Not only did they drive all the way from NC with a newborn but with their 3 dogs. I can't even imagine but I'm so glad they did because look how adorable this little guy is!
Liv ran around the house when they got here singing a made up song about her friend Noah and baby Noah with the same name. Charlie even gave him kisses!
Holding baby Noah made me more excited to hold my new niece in a few weeks!
Nate got some good play-doh time in with Liv which is good because it might be the last time play-doh comes out in this house. (I'm too freaked out about messes in this rental....I want my deposit back!)
I love a big guy in a little kids chair :)
I'm sure there will be more pics of them because I hope we get to spend more time with them before they head back!


Michelle said...

I'm sure you'll get your deposit back, I didn't give our last renters their deposit back because there was still dog hair on the floor when we went to clean, lots of holes in the wall, one we had to patch and repaint the entire wall, and I'm pretty sure they had a baby/toddler that lived with them that they NEVER mentioned....and no you don't need a password. The first time we went there I was like what is up with this place....

kmom said...

Cute, cute baby!!! Traveling with 3 dogs???!!! Liv can play with playdoh at my house.

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