Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mornings at the Park

Mornings have been just the right temperature lately, so we've been frequenting our neighborhood park more often. She really doesn't come up to my shoulder, that's a shadowy illusion. 
We sing songs and play Fortunately, Unfortunately while we walk. When we arrive we must check on the status of our fairy dwelling.
Provisions must be made as most likely the elements have damaged the furniture and the fairies' clothes. Today a few guests got to attend.
Despite Apple Bloom's attempts to ignore him, Mr. Cicada interrupted the dinner party and ruined all her chances of being alone with Mr. Horse for the evening.
Dinner was exhausting so they nap.
Many trips are made running around to all the trees to find necessary items.
I'm not sure where she gets it from (Maybe Jimmy Fallon on Sesame Street?) but she'll get really excited about a certain item (acorn, leaf, bark,etc) and yell "NATURE, mom, NATURE!"
Then the sap must be checked on this tree. Most of it has hardened but she gets excited when she finds a squishy bubble. Sticky fingers follow.
And Mr. Cicada's legs must be counted over and over again because she can never get the same number 2 times in a row. (He isn't a very still and patient cicada, he is a very dead cicada)
And then if she remembers....we play on the playground too. 
Before heading home for more deep conversations...or stories about Belle and the Beast.

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kmom said...

What an imagination you two have!

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