Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mrs. Shrock

I know a few of you had concerns when I publicly voiced my love for Todd on the internet...multiple times. And I know our age difference pushes the boundaries. But we love each other (and his parents never issued a restraining order) and that's all that matters right? Anyway we got hitched last weekend and here's the proof....
(our signs say "Trophy Wife" and "I'm with stupid")
Ok so maybe that was just a photo booth at Joel and Ashleigh's wedding, but I still hold out hope. The pics are mostly blurry but you can see we had a good time. The kids had fun trying on the various props and seeing themselves in my blurry camera photos.
 When Ryan saw me getting too close to Todd he had to cut in on the action.

Liv and I all dolled up before we left.

And the only shot we got of the bride and groom. He went in for the garter with a headlamp and pulled out all sorts of things: a baby, ball and chain, handcuffs, and other hilarious items. I thought it was pretty cute.
Congrats to the Wilsons!

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Anonymous said...

I love the word bubbles. Mom aka GMa

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