Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Newsletter:48 Months

Dear Olivia,
You are 4 years old and are so proud of it! Your new age has inspired you to tackle things "all by yourself" with great gusto. You can make your bed by yourself, you can buckle your car seat by yourself, you want to make your own breakfast and clean up after yourself. I'm so proud of the responsibilities I see you taking charge of and cannot believe how fast four years can fly by!
To describe your look at this point in life would be long legs and knobby knees; bruises galore with bandaids aplenty; as many colors as possibly to wear or as many items of the same color; a skirt with most outfits; colorful socks with shoes that don't require socks; necklaces, bracelets, headbands in profusion; a love to match your mommy's hair or clothes; marker on your face; a skip in your step and your head in the clouds. 
I say your head in the clouds because your imaginative play has really taken off this month. With your new My Little Ponies and various dolls you are in constant conversation with them. I overhear elaborate story plots taking place and occasionally they even break out into song. Today we went to run errands and you brought two lego people that talked in the backseat for 30 minutes straight. When we got home you spoke no words to me but walked right in the house, right in your room, and have continued their story for half an hour without even coming out once. I'm glad that you can play so well by yourself, but equally as glad that you like to play with others too.
This month you've really been into singing along with CD's in the car. You've almost got all of Beauty and the Beast soundtrack memorized and I love hearing you chant "Be Our Guest" all around the house. You love to play dress up and occasionally don a princess dress or tutu before emerging from your room in the morning. 
Even fairy princesses must practice good oral hygiene.
You have a knack for pointing out EVERY Toyota Corolla that looks like ours on the streets or in the parking lots. You HAVE to sign the credit card screen at the stores after I do. You are finally getting interested in coloring for more than 5 seconds and are getting good at staying in the lines. You like to draw people and I was impressed with this drawing of our family. You said Poppa was in the middle holding you.
You started going to a new Dayschool at a different church this month that is two days a week. There is a bit more structure than at the Mother's Day Out you have gone to since you were a baby, but you seem to be adjusting well. You have made a few friends and I enjoy seeing the papers and crafts you bring home. We bought a special folder to put them all in so we can look at them through the week.
You seem to have adjusted well to our move to the rent house, but you have had some very strong sad feelings this month about random things that I just attribute to a change in our lives. You broke down in sobs the other day telling me how much you missed childhood dog that you never met because he died long before you were born. You have heard stories of Seymour and we have a picture of him but I am not sure where the sadness and tears came from. You also have gotten very upset about missing certain cousins or friends (even ones we met at a park whose names we never learned). I just try to hold you and comfort you while you are upset about these things, and you bounce back after a few minutes.
We had lots of fun with your Grammy and Poppa here over the weekend. We opened presents with them before your big Hello Kitty party on Sunday. By the time your birthday actually came on Tuesday we were a bit partied out. So daddy and I let you pick where you wanted to go for dinner. We ended up at Chic-Fil-A and then went to Target so you could pick out some toys with your birthday money from Pop. It was a tough decision but you finally settled on two My Little Ponies to add to your growing collection.
I'm a little sad that next week is the last for the Myriad concerts. What will we do with our Sunday nights? I will miss seeing the joy in your heart as you dance to all sorts of live music, but I'm sure we will find some music between now and next summer to groove to! (we're making progress on the cow!)
A few days after we had moved all of our stuff out of the old house I told you we were going to go back by to check the mail. When we turned on our street you said soooo sarcastically, "Really mom? Really? You really wanna do this? You really wanna live here again?" I could not stop laughing, but I assured you we were just stopping to get the mail. You must have picked up on my frustrations with that place toward the end!
So forty-eight months. Four years. I really keep thinking there will be an age where I will just say I've been writing monthly newsletters long enough and I'll switch to quarterly or yearly. But so many things happen in one month! And it's these little things that I don't want to forget, so until I change my mind I plan to keep this up still....even though numbering the months has gotten way past ridiculous! As I put you to bed last night on your birthday I kept up the yearly tradition of telling you about the day you were born. You asked new questions and then wanted me to tell you about the day I got married. I will never tire of telling you the stories about our family and the love we have and the little and big moments we celebrate in our lives, and I hope you never tire of hearing them my sweet girl! 



kmom said...

Dear Olivia, You did a great job drawing the picture of your family. We enjoyed spending your 4 year old birthday weekend with you. Love, Papa and Grammy

Shawn and Becky said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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